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tutuapp-storeThere are a ton of application and software available on the TutuApp store. TutuApp also offers a lot of moded applications that have added features to suit your convenience. Tutu was the first application store ever to offer the moded version of Pokemon Go. The game was a global phenomenon when it hit the market and the moded version made it even more fun. Several such applications have been introduced on the Tutu platform. We will be going through a list of famous applications on the Tutu Store today.

Top Apps over the TutuApp Store

Here we provide you with a list of the most downloaded applications over TutuApp. Read on to know more about these apps.

1. Whatsapp++

The Whatsapp++ is the moded version of the world famous online messaging application. You can choose to disable the read receipts and the blue ticks and hide your online status. You will be able to view stories without the knowledge of your contacts. The text color can be customized over Whatsapp++, one-touch recording allows you to record without having to hold the record button down. Try out this amazing application by downloading it from the TutuApp store.

2. Snapchat++

The Snapchat++ comes loaded with a ton of mods that will surely make you want to switch as soon as possible. From disabling the screenshot notification to spoofing your location this application is a major development over your regular Snapchat application. One can customize almost all of the features on the regular Snapchat to one’s convenience.

3. Pokemon Go++

The real reason why Tutu gained global recognition is the Pokemon Go++. The game itself changed the way mobile games are played, making everyone get out of their houses and on to the streets hunting for pokemon. The moded version took care of this situation and enabled players to sit in the comforts of their houses and catch em’ all. When all your friends will be walking all around the neighborhood you could become the champion and stun them while sitting inside your home.

4. Youtube++

This moded version of the popular video streaming application Youtube is available only for jailbroken iOS users. The application brings a lot of added features to enhance the viewing experience of a user. Videos can be downloaded and saved on to your device, unlike the regular application where you could only save certain videos for a limited amount of time. The videos that are downloaded using Youtube ++ are downloaded on to your phone memory and not over the cloud.

5. Minecraft PE

Minecraft tests your mettle for creativity by offering you an extensive gameplay using blocks. You can model your dream house or make the castle that you wanted from your childhood stories. Minecraft comes at a good price over Google Play store but is available for free over Tutu. The several paid add-ons are also available for you to use for free. The game offers a lot of room for creativity and is sure to get you addicted. You can choose to play it individually or with friends.

6. Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans is a colorful game with plenty of amazing characters to choose from. It is one of the most played games around the world. The game has a lot of fan following. You could accelerate your progress using gems and these gems are difficult to get in the game. The tweaked version of Clash of Clans available over TutuApp store provides you with infinite gems. These gems can be used to develop at a much faster rate and you could build the best defense in no time. Be sure to check out this game on the Tutu store.

7. PokeSniper for Pokemon Go

If you are an avid player of this famous interactive gaming application you will know how difficult it is to find your favorite pokemon even with the hacked version. PokeSniper does all the hard labor for you and snipes out all the pokemon in your area for you to choose from. You can even search for a particular Pokemon and it will fetch you the pokemon if it is in your vicinity. The best thing about the application is that it is soft-ban proof, meaning you can use it without having the fear of getting banned. One can add multiple accounts over this app. All the caught pokemon can be transferred over your connected accounts.

9. Spotify++

Spotify is one of the most famous music streaming applications on the internet. However, if you want to avail all of its benefits you will have to switch to premium Spotify subscription by paying a certain amount of money. You do not get a lifetime subscription too. Spotify++ brings all the benefits of a Spotify premium account on to your device for free. The application can even be downloaded without jailbreak or rooting your smartphone. Unlimited skips and scrubs are made available to you for free. We do not see as to why anyone would not want to download this application.

10. Tubi TV

Tubi TV is your alternative to Netflix. If you are tired of paying the hefty monthly subscription of Netflix, Tubi TV will come as a relief for you. The application costs you nothing and is fully advertisement based. That doesn’t mean that you will be shown advertisements every 10 minutes of your viewing. Instead, these ads will seldom bother you and it longs for a minute maximum. The application is available to be downloaded for free over Tutu along with all the paid movies.

11. Voice Translator

This application will come as a blessing for you if you tend to travel a lot. There is a plus version available over TutuApp which contains more languages. The user interface is straightforward and you could easily choose to translate into the language of your choice. One can even choose to listen to the audio recordings of the words you need to get translated.

12. Movie Box

Movie Box lets you search and download all your favorite movies. The application has a database of thousands of movies and TV shows to choose from. You can even stream the movie if you do not want to download it. The video resolution can also be adjusted if you have any difficulty with the internet speed or your system settings. All in all, it is a very clean application.

13. Temple Run 2 Mod

Temple Run 2 is an amazing game that tests reflexes over your smartphone. The game is available to download for free on almost any application store but there are a lot of in-app purchases. If you download this application from Tutu it will enable you to commit unlimited shopping and to get infinite abilities that would increase your chance of winning the game. A number of characters are already unlocked for you to choose from so you do not have to worry about completing all the missions to unlock them.

14. Snapseed

Snapseed is a photo editing application developed by Google developers. The application is sure to take your photo editing skills to the next level. Snapseed sports a simple user interface and enables you to edit pictures from your phone gallery or Google drive. All the essential editing features such as crop, fine tuning images and adding filters are available over this application. It is one of the most preferred photo editing apps around the world.

15. Super Mario Run (Hacked Version)

Super Mario Run brings to you the feeling of nostalgia of your childhood. The interface brings about all those memories. It is one of the most popular games developed recently. The hacked version of Super Mario Run has all of its level unlocked and all the special abilities preloaded. If you are a fan of this classic vintage game, be sure to download it using the TutuApp store.

TutuApp Store – All your favorite apps and more

The applications mentioned above are just some of the best applications that are present in this application store. If you go through the list you will find an infinite number of amazing applications and software that you could never have accessed using your regular app store. TutuApp store plays host to a ton of hacked applications, emulators and a lot of premium applications. The app store is compatible with iOS, Android and Windows operating system and is very stable on all three platforms.

TutuApp was made initially for the Chinese users as some of their areas banned the use of other online application stores. After a while, it was introduced in the English and several other languages to meet the demand of users around the globe. The inclusion of the moded version of Pokemon Go skyrocketed its success and almost everyone downloaded Tutu have access to the mod. Other than Pokemon Go, utility application such as Snapseed and social networking applications such as Snapchat has also found their moded counterparts on the TutuApp store.

You can choose to uninstall TutuApp after finding and installing your favorite application. The application is sure to impress you. If you choose to install the application, be sure to write to us about your experience with this app and feel free to ask any questions you have regarding the app.

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