Is TutuApp safe for your smartphone?

TutuApp-safeTutu is your ultimate storehouse of moded applications. Many premium applications are available on this app store. This app store in itself has a lot of other exciting features that anyone would find interesting. The application, unlike other online application stores, will offer you an inbuilt cache cleaner that will remove all the unnecessary trash that gets accumulated when you use other applications. You get this feature and more when you install Tutu, but it is a real debate when it comes to its safety. Is TutuApp safe to install – we will address this topic in the article, read on to know more.

TuTuApp Download

TutuApp Safe

Tutu allows you to download and use most of the premium applications available online. Does that mean it is doing something illegal? We do not think so. The application itself is safe and hasn’t had any major security breach yet. You get moded versions of the premium applications developed by individuals who just want the ordinary public to be able to use these premium applications without having to shell out a lot of money. Another vital aspect that proves that the application to be safe is that the application comes in two versions.

There are the free versions and the paid versions available to download over the internet. Any company that would charge you money for an application will have it made sure that the application is safe. The application does not contain any virus or malicious software. You only have to worry about them if you have downloaded an infected application using the TutuApp store.

Most of the questions about the safety of TutuApp comes the fact that while it is an online application store, it does ask you to grant weird permissions. This can be the only reason while many people are wary of downloading the application. Other than that the application is safe.

Is TutuApp Safe – Controversial permissions

The majority of the safety issues that comes with the installation of TutuApp are the permissions the application asks. Both the privacy and Device Access permissions have unnecessary approval statements that might seem suspicious. Some of them are as follows.

1. Flash Light control

2. Access to the user contact list

3. Permissions to use the camera to take photos and record videos

4. Usage of GPS

It confuses a lot of users as to why would an application store want such weird permissions. Access to one’s contact list or flashlight has no connection whatsoever with the TutuApp purpose. Even though there are these weird permissions the application is still trusted by some users worldwide.

Our Verdict

Tutu is a controversial app no doubt owing to the many premium applications it offers for free. This can mean that the application cannot be trusted or can be trusted but that we leave it up to you to decide whether it is right for you or not. The application promises to deliver big time as understood by users around the globe. When it comes to the safety of the application it is for you to decide.