5 Best Apps on TutuApp Store You Should Get Now

5-Best-Apps-on-TutuAppThe best applications that are available online are paid. Being the average person, one does not feel like spending their hard earned money on such applications. This is where an online application store like Tutu comes to rescue. The application database covers a lot of moded versions of your favorite application while offering you premium applications for free. Your dream of playing that paid version of that famous game or using that excellent paid photo editing software can be fulfilled using TutuApp. Though there are a ton of applications available over the Tutu store, we are going to talk about 5 Best Apps on TutuApp store that you should undoubtedly download over your phone.

5 Best Apps on TutuApp Store

We have provided you with a list and a small description of our top 5 Apps on TutuApp store. Read on to know more.

1. Delta Emulator

If you had played games on your Game Boy Advanced handheld gaming console you will know how much you miss it. The Delta Emulator is an emulator that will allow you to play GBA games on your phone and take you back to your childhood days when the days were carefree and all you had to worry about defeating the goblin boss.

2. AirShou

Online game streaming is a big industry over the Youtube these days. Many gaming enthusiasts want to stream their gameplay online and make money using it but operating systems like the iOS prevent real-time screen recording of any kind and this is where AirShou comes into act. This application allows you to download HD recordings of your phone screen and upload it to any platform.

3. Snapchat++

A regular user of this famous social networking application will know that the app lacks a lot when and it could improve a lot by making minor variations. If you are looking for a more liberal use, the Snapchat++ is the version you need. This moded version of Snapchat is readily available on the TutuApp store and is one of the most downloaded applications. The Snapchat++ allows you to save videos and a=images directly to your phone gallery. It also allows you to view your friends’ story without having them know that you read the stories. Moreover, you can shift to the older version of Snapchat if you are not comfortable with the new updated version using Snapchat++.

4. Facebook Messenger (Old version)

Most of the social networking sites now come with a feature that allows them to add stories and other such small features. This makes the user interface a lot more complicated and difficult to understand. If you are a fan of the older versions of Facebook or any application for the matter you can easily download these applications using Tutu.

5. Snapseed

Mobile photography has a lot more followers and fans these days thanks to the advancement in technology and the smartphone boom. This has given rise to many photo editing applications that help on to fine-tune images to perfection. Snapseed is one such application developed by the Google developers and promises to be a handy photo editing software available on the TutuApp store.

TutuApp store offers you all of your favorite applications and more and takes much less space on your phone compared to the regular bloatware apps such as the Google Play store or the Apple store. If you have your device rooted or jailbroken you should certainly replace the bloatware online application stores with Tutu and use the extra space to download and enjoy your favorite applications.