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tutuappTutuApp, in a nutshell, is an online application store much like your Google play store for Android users. But, this application is not a bloatware app and is compatible with almost all o the operating system platforms.

The application has been a part of a lot of controversies as it provides almost all of the premium applications for free. The application is available to be downloaded on both rooted and rooted or jailbroken devices.

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About TutuApp

The application was developed by a Chinese company and was made originally in Chinese, later upgrades made it possible to be used in the English language. There are a number of applications available for users dealing with the Android as well as the iOS operating systems. The popularity of this application met global terms when it became the only application to have launched the only modded version of the famous “Pokemon Go” interactive game. This enabled people to sit in their homes and play the game whereas the original version would require you to go out to play it.

The application has come a long way and integrate updates to develop the application by leaps and bounds to make it a global competitor to the more famed online application stores. The number of TutuApp users are increasing on a daily basis this just shows the increasing demand for such applications.

Features of TutuApp

The most exciting feature of TutuApp is the availability of premium applications and games for free. Most of the best games that have better storylines and graphics are available for some amount of money and it sometimes feels like a waste when you have to shell out your hard earned money on applications like these. This is where Tutu solves its true purpose.

The inbuilt cache cleaner will try to keep your phone clear of the application caches that take up important space in your phone memory. The extra space thus generated could be used to add something better such as an application or a movie.

The User Interface of the application is responsive and you could easily navigate through its premises effortlessly. The application theme doesn’t hurt the eyes and you could look for your favorite applications for as long as you want to.

Additional tools that come with the application will certainly better your smartphone experience.

TutuApp on Android Devices

Tutu is compatible with most operating system platforms and its aim is to bring the premium applications to work on these platforms. The same is true for Android devices and you do not necessarily need to root your Android to have this application downloaded and installed in your system. Although rooting might open up a few new possibilities of accessing hidden features of the app but it is not recommended.

TutuApp is not available on the Google Play store but you very well know that there are other ways to download the app. You will have to take the help of a third party software or use a download link from some reliable source to have the app downloaded and running on your phone. We have provided you with the exact download and installation procedure in our article dedicated to the same, make sure you check it out if you do not know how to go through with the process.

>> TutuApp on Android <<

TutuApp on iOS and Windows Platforms

You won’t find this application on any of the major online app stores, be it your regular Windows app store or the Apple application store. You will have to download the file and install it manually into your device. The process is a bit tricky but you do not need to worry as we have provided with detailed instructions on how to install the application on both Windows and iOS operating systems.

>> TutuApp on iOS <<    >> TutuApp on PC <<

Is the TutuApp safe?

It is true that this application is a third party software but that doesn’t always mean that the application is unsafe. You can weigh this debate on to both sides but when you look carefully no application on the internet is entirely safe. When it comes to TuTu people who scrutinize the app negatively say that their major concerns were the ridiculous permissions that the application demands such as making phone calls and sending messages which had nothing to do with the working of the application.

In reality, if you are operating the application on Android version Marshmallow and above you can choose to deny these permissions and the app would still work for you and that means these permissions worth nothing. One thing you need to be careful of while using TutuApp is the applications that you download using Tutu. Most of these apps are hacked versions of premium applications and may prove as a threat to your online security other than that the app is completely safe and legal.

Our Verdict

TutuApp promises to deliver big time looking at unprecedented growth it experienced and the increase in the number of users. The credibility of this application to be safe or not relies on how you use the application. We would certainly recommend you to run this application on your system and see the results yourself.

Do share with us your experience after using the application if you choose to use it. Cheers!

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